• cooperate with friends and kill zombies together



Kill Z Together – a cooperative drunk story top-down shooter, where actions happen in the beginning of 20, when turning people into zombies virus has spread all over around. Main characters meet in a quarantine zone where they try to survive.
Choose and play for one of four characters, kill hordes of zombies and mutants, confront bosses and fight back against the other survivors. Upgrade your weapon and skills, protect your camp.


Cooperate with friends (1-4 players) to fight with a horde of zombies and mutants.


Plunge into the midst of a zombie apocalypse where you have to assemble a team and travel a dangerous path to save humanity.

Weapon Customization

Open new components and modify your weapon to fight monsters effectively.

Aim Shooting

Use aim shooting to cause critical damage.

Skills & Perks

Study the skills and improve your character’s performance with perks.

Character Customization

Change the character’s clothes and accessories to your choice.

Prototype Video

Unreal Engine Dev Contest 2021

Cinematic Trailer - UE Dev Contest 2021 SemiFinal

Prototype Winter 2021

Prototype Video

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Game Design, Programming



Graphic & Level Design


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